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Background StoriesPosted by Kalatzis 2009-03-17 12:28
Many thousand of years have passed since The Burning Legion invaded the planet Azeroth and The Alliance and The Horde are once again living separated in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. Though there’s still war on our planet it will be nothing compared if The Burning Legion rose once again, therefore we all must be prepared.

I, Kalatzis, was born in a little town in Eastern Kingdoms called Lakeshire. My father and mother had bigger plans for me than to just become a simple human who wouldn’t know how to defend herself if The Burning Legion came crushing down our planet. Even though it broke their heart, they knew what they had to do and they sent me away to become a paladin, a holy warrior fighting for the Light.

I rose up in Northshire Abbey and was never allowed to go outside the walls. My master said that all I needed for now was right here and that patience can not be taken for granted. So for many long years I did exactly what he told me. I practised the way to become a holy paladin, read history about wars and kingdoms and even saw a picture of the threatful Horde. Time passed and my classmates went out in the world one by one while I still remained inside these walls that just seemed to get closer and closer.

When I started to blossom, I also started to ask questions about the world I lived in but only knew by books. It was time for me to see the world with my own eyes I said to my master. But he just shook his head at me and said; “Kala, your heart is whole and pure. By taking the step to go outside these walls slowly that heart of yours will either be taken advantage of or it will wither away.” At this age though, I was stubborn as a donkey and didn’t give up until he at last let me take my horse Aeras to Stormwind City.
Stormwind City is one of the biggest cities in whole Azeroth and even though it was very close to Northshire I’ve never stepped a foot inside.

When I got to Stormwind I was overwhelmed but not stunned. So far it hadn’t done any special impression on me except that it was much bigger than Northshire. Suddenly a little gnome warrior appeared before me and I almost ran over him with my horse. I had never seen such a small person in my whole life but didn’t want to offend him so I got off my horse and smiled at him. “Excuse me, miss?” He said and smiled back to me. “I presume that you have better equipment for fighting than that lovely dress of yours?”
I looked down at my white wool dress and shyly said yes.

“Well, could you maybe escort me to Booty Bay? I need to talk with a guy that’s supposed to be there and I have nothing to ride on and I’m not that much of a fighter yet if something or someone would attack me.”
“I would love to help you”, I answered him. “But I’m not supposed to leave from here.”
“I can pay you.”
“Oh, I wouldn’t take any money for that! I would gladly escort you for free…”
“For free?” Suddenly a third voice that belongs to a Night Elf rogue is heard.

This rogue whose name I found out was Saiel later on was the rudest man I’ve ever got to known. Somehow I ended up escorting this gnome warrior with Saiel, but it turned out to be just the start of something bigger.

Through our journey we passed through Westfall and headed out towards Duskwood, the darkest place I’ve ever seen so far with giant spiders and rude strangers. When we got to a place called Stranglethorn Valley all kind of beasts attacked the little gnome but Saiel was fast with his swords and I learned he was good to have in hand, but maybe not the best for company. Many other Night Elves passed us and stopped when they saw us coming, one of them gave me a blessing and said; “May Elune be with you.”
“What’s Elune?” I asked Saiel. He explained that it’s the goddess of the moon and then said something I couldn’t understand. The little gnome said that it must have been Darnassian, the language of the Night Elves and asked Saiel what it meant. “Ignorant human”, he answered and looked at me with glowing eyes. Even though I got offended I let it pass since I didn’t want to get into a fight with this man, plus I’m almost sure he didn’t mean it. But just almost.

When our journey ended and I had said goodbye to my new friend the warrior gnome, suddenly a human paladin just like me stood before me. He asked me if I wanted to join his guild and to sign on a piece of paper. I wasn’t sure what a guild was, but I was just going to sign on it when Saiel came between us. “She’s with me.” He says with a harsh tone that makes the other paladin take one step back. “Am I?” I asked him and can’t help myself smiling. “Yes. Fly back to Stormwind when you’re done with Booty Bay. I wish to speak with you.”

After this I committed myself to his guild called Moonshade and I never got back to Northshire to talk with my master. Instead I went on a new journey with Saiel. A longer one this time, all the way to Darnassus, the home of the Night Elves. This rogue has stolen my heart, but I will prevent letting my heart change as my master once warned me about.

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