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Remulas Story

Background StoriesPosted by Kalatzis 2009-03-17 13:18

Our parents were kind and gentle folks, nothing special, just ordinary Night Elves. However my father was a visionary. When he went asleep from a hard days work he dreamt about greatness heroic deeds and the one thing he wanted the most… A son.

The story of my birth is a sad one. You see I wasn´t born a son, my father was greatly disappointed at first, but then he smiled and said to me and my mother; “You may not be the son I wished for but I can sense that natures forces are strong within you, that´s why I name you Remula daughter of natures grace”.

But that day two lives were given at the cost of another one, my twin sister was of that moment yet to be born. Exhausted from giving birth to me, my mother never survived giving birth to Calypto, my twin. What happened within my father when our mother passed away in his arms is hard to me to describe. It was like when one of two lovebirds die, the other one just gave up living.

A druids training is tough, discipline patience and serenity is the ways of the druid and that was what I learned as a young night elf. While my sister was out playing in the woods I was taught the laws of nature and to restrain myself. I guess I have always been the responsible one, but I to had some days I just needed to get out of school. And even if I didn´t want to Calypto used to always convince me to sneak out of school and cut class. The difference between us was that if I did something childish like that I was disciplined, Calypto wasn´t and it used to make me so angry. But as I grew up I learned to abandon emotions such as anger and to control myself. I rose quickly as a druid and I was one of the most promising students in the whole city of Darnassus. However a great druid of the Night Elves was not my fate.

It all changed one day when Calypto met the group of mercenaries called Moonshade… As it seemed they could fulfill her dreams of adventure and seeing the world she was eager to join them… and naïve as she was she tried to convince me to join them as well. As if I a druid would go against all I ever represented and turn away from the calm of the woods? I told her she was insane and off she went with that nightsabre pet of hers. As I made my way back to class, I sensed a disturbance within the woods, and I immediately shape shifted to a cat and made my way back to see what had caused the disturbance, and just as I leaped out from the bushes, ready to protect the forest and it´s creatures as the druid I was, a scene which I had prayed would never appear before my eyes took place. There in the middle she was, my sister, surrounded by a group of forest bears. My sister was the disturbance that had led me here. Her nightsabre was hopelessly throwing himself in their way to defend his master but he was just about to get torn apart.

It was in that moment that my whole life changed. I had to make a choice, I would have to sacrifice my sister to her foolishness, since that was the way I had been taught. But I didn’t. I used the same vary forces that I had been taught to protect the forest in pure madness to destroy it. I quickly healed the pet so he could continue to defend my sister and then I summoned all my strength for a final blow on one of the bears, at first she was alive and then I could sense her thoughts, surprise, anger, but mostly she was afraid. And then she was no more at all.

I had saved my sisters life, but I couldn´t even begin to realize the consequences of my actions that day. It didn´t take long for the other druids to arrive at the place of the dead bear, and there we stood with bloodstains on our clothes. I had given up on my people, on my ways and on my beliefs.

I was banished, excluded from the druids community and had brought shame over my families name, and as if things wasn´t bad enough already. Later that evening my father threw himself of the coast down at the cliffs. He left only a note saying “It is not our sins that matter; it is our search for redemption.”

Ironically enough the same people that indirectly caused my fall as a druid became my salvation as an outcast, the mercenary group of Moonshade accepted me as a member, and with them by my side I began my search for redemption.

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