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Assassinating with oszy, 1

RP StoriesPosted by Oszy 2009-07-31 02:28

A picture of the scenery were I write my stories. And ofcourse the actual Story.

And excuse this blog thingy for ruining my layout on the stories. Damn spaces between every damn return... oh well, here goes. Enjoy!

Assassinating with Oszy, part one.

Oszy waited behind a large tree. On the other side of the small forest-road the Rogue Trainer had made himself practically invisible. The trainer was now gesturing feverishly for Oszy to do the same. Oszy merely shrugged. There was no point for him to hide; compared to him the tree was huge. Four times as wide as Oszy, maybe even more.

The sound of heavy footfalls made the Trainer seize his gesturing. Oszy and the trainer peered around their trees at the same time. A small grin formed on Oszy’s face as he saw his target approach, a bulky male Orc, clad in leather. The target was blissfully unaware of his fate, walking lazily along the road, grunting along to some horrible sailor tune, undoubtedly picked up in some bar in Ratchet.

Oszy ignored the new load of incoming gestures from the Trainer and drew one of his throwing knives. Gripping the tip of the blade he drew back his arm and, taking one final look at the Orc, he jumped on the road and let the knife fly. The knife flew towards the target. Closing the distance in the blink of an eye, the knife hit home, burying itself deeply in the groin of the Orc. The Orc let out a soft whimper as his knees buckled. Hunching over, the Orc cradled his ruined family jewels with both hands. Not that it would do him much good.

Oszy had not waited to see if the knife hit its target. He drew his swords and rushed forwards, closing the distance between him and the Orc in seven quick strides. Nearing the hunched Orc, Oszy leaned forward as he ran. Suddenly leaning back he kicked off with his left foot, outstretching his right leg as the kick connected his foot with the Orc’s jaw. The power of the back flip kick sent the Orc flying back, stumbling two steps before he fell down on his back. The body hit the dirt like a sack of dung.

Oszy landed nimbly on his feet two paces back, immediately taking a fighting ready stance, awaiting the Orc. Nothing came though. The Orc still laid where he had fallen; no movement, no threat. Casting a quick glance back to his trainer, who answered with a confused look in return. Oszy shook his head and slowly moved closer to the Orc, circling around his unmoving target. As the back of the Orc’s head came into view, Oszy saw the cause of the immobile Orc. From the back of the Orc’s head a jagged rock stuck out. The Orc had landed with his skull on the jagged rock, shattering the skull instantly. Blood and brain fluids were now slowly dripping out of the Orc’s head. Oszy sheathed his swords and turned towards his Trainer, who was slowly getting out of cover. Shrugging once Oszy addressed his Trainer, with a slight smirk.

“Kill-stealing rocks…. Go figure….”

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