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Crawfords Story

Background StoriesPosted by Kalatzis 2009-09-21 03:34

Originally pushed north after the fall of Stormwind Keep by Ogrim Doomhammer, Crawford’s grandparents, on his mother’s side, were wealthy traders that lost everything. The family relocated near to the Hillsbrad Foothills, where they resorted to living off the land. Struggling as farmers, the family encouraged Crawford’s mother to get married at a young age to a local farmer of modest, but nonetheless sufficient means to support them all. A marriage of necessity became one of friendship and then eventually love, providing Crawford with a lean, but loving childhood.

Crawford grew up in the shadow of one of the largest internment camps for captured orcs: Durnholde Keep. It was there that Crawford was introduced to orcs, developing an early fear for these beasts that needed such high walls to frustrate their much described murderous intent. The high walls held, providing Crawford with a relatively stable and secure youth. That ended when he was fifteen. It was then that Thrall returned to where he was raised in captivity, laying siege to Durnholde and pillaging the surrounding countryside. Crawford’s younger sister, mother and father were all killed in front of him and Crawford only escaped because his wounds were bloody enough to allow him to convincingly mimic death.

Wandering the countryside, full both of memories of love for his family and stories of his mother’s former wealth in Stormwind, the twice-robbed Crawford swore a blood-oath against the Horde. This vendetta had to wait, however, because Crawford had to eat. Penniless, he was forced to thievery, frequently targeting other Alliance members out of necessity. At first Crawford hated this, but time dulled his sense of morality and Crawford became cynical, self-serving and even self-indulgent. He did, however, learn to become a survivor.

Years later, he returned to the Hillsbrad Foothills and found some distant relatives that still worked the land in that area. Reflecting on long-ignored memories, Crawford felt the full force of his original bitterness for the Horde and, empowered by the strength of having grown into a man, he was determined to change the course of his life... even if only a little bit. After all, one still has to make a living, right? So Crawford looked to strike back at the Horde, but with the backing of a group, one that could help keep him alive... and paid.

Hearing of the exclusive mercenary guild of Moonshade, Crawford worked hard to secure an introduction. He comes to Moonshade as Initiate who is eager to serve the guild and prove himself, but also as someone who covets the wealthy family that could of, should of, been his and as someone who has learned to care only about himself. This time he is not just looking to rise through the ranks for himself though; he does, finally, want to try to make some sort of difference and he is reaching out for a new family to be loyal to --even if he would never admit it.

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