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Nequisan's Diary Entry

RP StoriesPosted by Nequisan 2009-10-27 02:26
Today a few friends and I visited a strange place named Straltholme. It would appear the place has been completely overtaken by creatures of the damned; ugly undead creatures with dreadful rotting flesh.
The place bored me at first; I have never had an interest in fighting in the past, but once we got 'the ball rolling', I found I was enjoying myself.
Then, one moment, my mind relapsed into a strange vision!
I found myself standing in a dark place, surrounded by shadows and smoke. It was cool, however, calming. It was in this place I saw an image of a strange man, with long, white hair- he was covered in heavy armor and I... was somehow attracted to him. I knew in my mind that it was some sort of 'Dead Knight' (or whatever they are named- disgusting things...). I decided to follow him, as he had started to move.
He took me to an altar, and showed me something that lay floating above a platform.
It was... amazing. It was death. floating there, bulbous, glittering, glorious. It was not fear, it was not weak... it was brave and powerful.
I had finally found what I was looking for- a powerful source- my, it seems Andra was right- life's rules CAN be bent to our will, and it WILL make us stronger. That is why she is so interested in...
But this, this is something different from immortality. This is... life AND death. Immortality AND mortality... the greatest strengths of both.
Once I had returned to reality, I felt a change within myself. I am still me... I suppose I feel I have become wiser, perhaps.. wealthier knowledge. For I know the secret now. He told me, that man...

I know what I have to do.

Life will make me wiser, and Death will make me stronger.

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