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Calyptos Story

Background StoriesPosted by Kalatzis 2009-03-17 13:21
Even though some of us may accidently find out our parents never intended for us to exist, I for sure, know exactly how the story went. For who could ever have the intentions to get twins?

Our father had all his hopes for a son who was to be called Remulo, after the great arch druid Remulos. However, to our father’s great disappointment he did not only get one daughter, but two. Unfortunately this was not the only sorrow brought upon our father. The very same night of our birth, our mother passed away.

Even if his dream about a son never came true, he apparently saw something good in Remula. As for me… I was a mistake. I was trouble, in which my father wished my sister had nothing to do. He often told me to stay out, and so, it was only natural for me to wander off alone in the woods. I became familiar with the forests and wild beasts as a young night elf and my father saw this as his chance to get me out of my sister’s way. I was to be trained a hunter.

As we got older, our father could no longer keep Remula wrapped in his arms. Even if I loved to have my sister for me alone, I highly treasured my adventures in the forests all by myself. It was during one of these I met Hardi. I was taking a brake by the river after a long days travelling and happened to fall asleep in the shade of a tree. I don’t know how long I was asleep, but something startled me to my feet. I could sense something was wrong and I did as my master always told me. You have to see through the eyes of your enemies. Think as your enemy. Be your enemy. I slowly crawled away from the tree on the ground, trying not to make a sound and managed to get my small knife ready. Out of nowhere, claws ripped me in the face. One of the nightsabers, who were a common sight in that area, must have noticed my presence. We fought for a long time. I had no idea wherefrom he got his energy but I wasn’t willing to let him go. A cat with a will like that could come in good hand sometimes. We fought ‘til the sunset. When the darkness had fallen over the treetops and the wind was cold instead of pleasantly cool, the saber all of a sudden stopped. He was exhausted and I knew I could have put him down, then and there, but something prevented me from finishing my last attack. I took a step towards him, and got a small piece of meat out of my pocket.

Nowadays, Hardi is one of my best friends.

And so, me and my sister finally got out of our hometown and started looking for adventures. It was during one of our trips I stumbled upon Moonshade. It was only a matter of time before I had wished for us to join a guild and one where a night elf held the strings seemed perfect. Remula, on the other side disagreed. I guess we had our biggest fight ever and it didn’t end pretty at all. Remula went away in fury and I went off with Moonshade. The fight was not so much about joining a guild or not as it was about the biggest difference there can be between a druid and a hunter. According to me, and Moonshade had my back, animals are beasts. Beasts are wild and if they happen to be in my way… well then… they’re in my way.

I joined Moonshade on a mission and I kind of got in trouble. Hardi got badly hurt and I was surrounded by angry bears. I had no choice but to abandon Hardi. The second I decided to leave him, to what I thought was his fate, a flash of light suddenly went pass me and struck him. I didn’t have time to turn around before another flash hit the beast fighting Hardi. The beast fell dead to the ground and there she was. The rest of the bears ran away and it seemed as if Remula was more like me than she would like to admit.

But what was very fortunate for me, totally devastated Remula as she no longer had any choice but to join Moonshade.

But as we spy our way through the dark woods, cross the stormy seas and fly through blistering winds, the two of us always stick together. And even if my childhood might sound quite sad to some, I assure you that what doesn’t kill you…

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