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Wolvesbanes Story

Background StoriesPosted by Kalatzis 2009-03-18 10:58
My trainer, Kal, said to me one day; "We are the preservers of the balance, now and forever, as Malfurion lies in the Dreaming. Never forget this.", after he finished my basic training.

He is like a father to me, he told me that I have to pay attention to the the forest, to draw my energies from there, that nature is my best friend. Well, I accept his advices, but I am stubborn, and tend to do only what I think is best.

Kal told me I need more training, but no, I wanted to see the world, and because he asked the sentinels to keep an eye on me, he knows my nature, I stealthed out of Teldrassil and ran out into the world. After many days i arived in Stormwind, land of the humans and as i can tell the capital of The Alliance. I tried to blend in but i was allways looked as an outsider. I did some quests here and there, helping people from all over the southern Eastern Kingdoms but my real adventures started when I was asked if i want to help in slaying Edwin VanCleef.

He is the headmaster of Defias Brotherhood, an evil group of assassins, thieves and pirates, that are hostile to The Alliance and dwell in the Deadmines. It seems that this was the biggest gold mine in the entire human kingdom, but now is inhabited by members of the Brotherhood. There I saw for the first time goblins, I was amazed of their gizmos and robots, and stunned on the juggernaut that are building at the bottom of the mines. I am glad we stoped them, or else Stormwind Harbour, or in fact, any other harbour would have had big problems. The fight was long and hard, for many days we fought our way into these caves, we were five but only one of us was here before. His name is Milad, he was asked to bring some gold ore from this mine, by his mining trainer. He knew these places because gold ore is hard to find and he had to spent some time there, hard to do with so much foes near, but he is a Night Elf, like myself, and we can make ourselves dissapear very easy.

As I said, after many days into the dark caves of Deadmines, we reached the juggernaut, which is the command center of the brotherhood. Our first major fight was taking Mr. Smite, he was a big dark colored tauren which stunned us with his hoof, but after a long fight we kneeled him and Milad got his blade. This and the fights that followed made me understand that friends and trust are very important.
After clearing Deadmines we were summoned to clear The Stockade, which is the Stormwind’s prison, that after a revolt, got under prisoners control.

My adventures continue in the land of the humans, but I started to miss home, so I returned to Darnassus. Me and Kal spent hours speaking about my adventures, he was amazed that his teachings were not in vain. He sent me to Moonglade, to see Loganaar, another trainer that learned me lots of new things.
Afther a while my eagerness pumped in and I was again on the road, but now I had friends to come back to, at home as well as on the other side of Azeroth.
I met Milad in Stormwind City and he introduced me to his friends and guild members, and I was initiate into Moonshade. I intend to continue living my life among friends, and have some fun while helping The Alliance.

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