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Moonshade Stories

Battle at Gurubashi Arena

EventsPosted by Saiel 2009-05-03 19:04
On wednesday (6/5), the battle on Synâl will go down. It will take place in Gurubashi Arena and Synâl together with anyone who wants to defend him will be present.

Some changes has been made, the battle will be a 5 versus 5 match. From Moonshade the participants will be:

Saiel of the Shattered Sun
Kalatzis of the Argent Dawn
Gerrybertier the Noble
Bloodsail Admiral Glorygirl

We will fight these (confirmed):

Glimle (80 fire mage)
Synâl (80 mutilate rogue)

(these may also be participating)

Yrna (80 holy paladin)


Other people showing up will be:

Agafiya (80 balance druid)
Apraksiya (74 elemental shaman)
Argentius (63 blood death knight)
Firbar (80 retribution paladin)
Galeranna (45 frost mage)
Grismane (70 protection paladin)
Herzer (76 demo warlock)
Orendel (69 balance druid)
Throndir (36 retribution paladin)
Tirinna (48 elemental shaman)
Torngor (68 holy paladin)
Wizbix (80 arcane mage)

Now remember, this event will be fully RP. Some rules of the battle will come later. Keep checking the guild message of the day for updates.

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