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Khaldris Story

Background StoriesPosted by Kalatzis 2009-05-13 22:00
I was born when the scourge appeared, in the plaguelands, by the age I could stand I was taught to fight and to kill, by the time I was fully grown, I was enlisted in the crusades against the scourge, at the battle of western plaguelands I was put into the front lines, but I wasnt like the soldier to my left or right, I was born of special blood, of Akari blood.

The armour I wore on the battle was given to me by my father as a gift into knighthood, but it wasnt normal steel, the moment I tied the straps, I felt demonic and controlled, My blade became light as feathers, my eyesight spread out in my helmet, I felt indestructable.

I ran into the scourge lines at great speed, ramming into the wave of corpses, slinging my blade one handed with deadly accuracy and great fury, I picked up a blade of my fallen comrade, severying heads from bodies and stabbing wildly, with my comrades behind, I became carried away, as a spear ran against my chest, but instead of gushing into my chest, it snapped like a toothpick, I stared speechless as my chestplace started to glow, then words came into my head. "More, More blood...", I understood the command, shoving into undead and sending them flying to the left and right, The battle was won.

I was awarded by the sight of my comrades,smiles rushing across they're faces, citizens cheered my name as I rode into stormwind city, the cheering all but evaporated as the grand commander ushered that another war has arisen.
The battle of Blasted lands.

But at the battle of blasted lands, there was a oppertunity of weakness in our lines, as a black rider known as Morgrain, rode in against our foot soldiers, I met death by a sword that was different from the rest, it was glowing deep blue, I know its name as it flew into my torso.
The Ashbringer.

I did not die on that battle, but my honor did, it insulted me with physical pain in my body, I retreated and built a new life, But once again, war has tracked my footsteps.

I do not feel like i was anymore, I have no dreams or nightmares in my head, just the voice that has became close to me since that battle,I curse my immortality, I will always bore a name that has insulted me for so many years, and that will stay with me for decades to come.
Khaldris, Soldier of the damned.

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