Moonshade Stories

Moonshade Stories

Crawfords Story

Background StoriesPosted by Kalatzis 2009-09-21 03:34

Originally pushed north after the fall of Stormwind Keep by Ogrim Doomhammer, Crawford’s grandparents, on his mother’s side, were wealthy traders that lost everything. The family relocated near to the Hillsbrad Foothills, where they resorted to living off the land. Struggling as farmers, the family encouraged Crawford’s mother to get married at a young age to a local farmer of modest, but nonetheless sufficient means to support them all. A marriage of necessity became one of friendship and then eventually love, providing Crawford with a lean, but loving childhood.

Crawford grew up in the shadow of one of the largest internment camps for captured orcs: Durnholde Keep. It was there that Crawford was introduced to orcs, developing an early fear for these beasts that needed such high walls to frustrate their much described murderous intent. The high walls held, providing Crawford with a relatively stable and secure youth. That ended when he was fifteen. It was then that Thrall returned to where he was raised in captivity, laying siege to Durnholde and pillaging the surrounding countryside. Crawford’s younger sister, mother and father were all killed in front of him and Crawford only escaped because his wounds were bloody enough to allow him to convincingly mimic death.

Wandering the countryside, full both of memories of love for his family and stories of his mother’s former wealth in Stormwind, the twice-robbed Crawford swore a blood-oath against the Horde. This vendetta had to wait, however, because Crawford had to eat. Penniless, he was forced to thievery, frequently targeting other Alliance members out of necessity. At first Crawford hated this, but time dulled his sense of morality and Crawford became cynical, self-serving and even self-indulgent. He did, however, learn to become a survivor.

Years later, he returned to the Hillsbrad Foothills and found some distant relatives that still worked the land in that area. Reflecting on long-ignored memories, Crawford felt the full force of his original bitterness for the Horde and, empowered by the strength of having grown into a man, he was determined to change the course of his life... even if only a little bit. After all, one still has to make a living, right? So Crawford looked to strike back at the Horde, but with the backing of a group, one that could help keep him alive... and paid.

Hearing of the exclusive mercenary guild of Moonshade, Crawford worked hard to secure an introduction. He comes to Moonshade as Initiate who is eager to serve the guild and prove himself, but also as someone who covets the wealthy family that could of, should of, been his and as someone who has learned to care only about himself. This time he is not just looking to rise through the ranks for himself though; he does, finally, want to try to make some sort of difference and he is reaching out for a new family to be loyal to --even if he would never admit it.

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The Masquerade Ball

EventsPosted by Kalatzis 2009-05-21 10:26

This was a night with dancing, mingling and mystery in the Stormwind Keep that King Wrynn held in the honor of Moonshade after having protected him.
And also a winner of 500 gold!
The winner was Wunderbrass for best dressed, congratulations!

Kalatzis held a speech and welcomed the guests

The Moonshade announce the winner of the night

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Khaldris Story

Background StoriesPosted by Kalatzis 2009-05-13 22:00
I was born when the scourge appeared, in the plaguelands, by the age I could stand I was taught to fight and to kill, by the time I was fully grown, I was enlisted in the crusades against the scourge, at the battle of western plaguelands I was put into the front lines, but I wasnt like the soldier to my left or right, I was born of special blood, of Akari blood.

The armour I wore on the battle was given to me by my father as a gift into knighthood, but it wasnt normal steel, the moment I tied the straps, I felt demonic and controlled, My blade became light as feathers, my eyesight spread out in my helmet, I felt indestructable.

I ran into the scourge lines at great speed, ramming into the wave of corpses, slinging my blade one handed with deadly accuracy and great fury, I picked up a blade of my fallen comrade, severying heads from bodies and stabbing wildly, with my comrades behind, I became carried away, as a spear ran against my chest, but instead of gushing into my chest, it snapped like a toothpick, I stared speechless as my chestplace started to glow, then words came into my head. "More, More blood...", I understood the command, shoving into undead and sending them flying to the left and right, The battle was won.

I was awarded by the sight of my comrades,smiles rushing across they're faces, citizens cheered my name as I rode into stormwind city, the cheering all but evaporated as the grand commander ushered that another war has arisen.
The battle of Blasted lands.

But at the battle of blasted lands, there was a oppertunity of weakness in our lines, as a black rider known as Morgrain, rode in against our foot soldiers, I met death by a sword that was different from the rest, it was glowing deep blue, I know its name as it flew into my torso.
The Ashbringer.

I did not die on that battle, but my honor did, it insulted me with physical pain in my body, I retreated and built a new life, But once again, war has tracked my footsteps.

I do not feel like i was anymore, I have no dreams or nightmares in my head, just the voice that has became close to me since that battle,I curse my immortality, I will always bore a name that has insulted me for so many years, and that will stay with me for decades to come.
Khaldris, Soldier of the damned.

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Wolvesbanes Story

Background StoriesPosted by Kalatzis 2009-03-18 10:58
My trainer, Kal, said to me one day; "We are the preservers of the balance, now and forever, as Malfurion lies in the Dreaming. Never forget this.", after he finished my basic training.

He is like a father to me, he told me that I have to pay attention to the the forest, to draw my energies from there, that nature is my best friend. Well, I accept his advices, but I am stubborn, and tend to do only what I think is best.

Kal told me I need more training, but no, I wanted to see the world, and because he asked the sentinels to keep an eye on me, he knows my nature, I stealthed out of Teldrassil and ran out into the world. After many days i arived in Stormwind, land of the humans and as i can tell the capital of The Alliance. I tried to blend in but i was allways looked as an outsider. I did some quests here and there, helping people from all over the southern Eastern Kingdoms but my real adventures started when I was asked if i want to help in slaying Edwin VanCleef.

He is the headmaster of Defias Brotherhood, an evil group of assassins, thieves and pirates, that are hostile to The Alliance and dwell in the Deadmines. It seems that this was the biggest gold mine in the entire human kingdom, but now is inhabited by members of the Brotherhood. There I saw for the first time goblins, I was amazed of their gizmos and robots, and stunned on the juggernaut that are building at the bottom of the mines. I am glad we stoped them, or else Stormwind Harbour, or in fact, any other harbour would have had big problems. The fight was long and hard, for many days we fought our way into these caves, we were five but only one of us was here before. His name is Milad, he was asked to bring some gold ore from this mine, by his mining trainer. He knew these places because gold ore is hard to find and he had to spent some time there, hard to do with so much foes near, but he is a Night Elf, like myself, and we can make ourselves dissapear very easy.

As I said, after many days into the dark caves of Deadmines, we reached the juggernaut, which is the command center of the brotherhood. Our first major fight was taking Mr. Smite, he was a big dark colored tauren which stunned us with his hoof, but after a long fight we kneeled him and Milad got his blade. This and the fights that followed made me understand that friends and trust are very important.
After clearing Deadmines we were summoned to clear The Stockade, which is the Stormwind’s prison, that after a revolt, got under prisoners control.

My adventures continue in the land of the humans, but I started to miss home, so I returned to Darnassus. Me and Kal spent hours speaking about my adventures, he was amazed that his teachings were not in vain. He sent me to Moonglade, to see Loganaar, another trainer that learned me lots of new things.
Afther a while my eagerness pumped in and I was again on the road, but now I had friends to come back to, at home as well as on the other side of Azeroth.
I met Milad in Stormwind City and he introduced me to his friends and guild members, and I was initiate into Moonshade. I intend to continue living my life among friends, and have some fun while helping The Alliance.

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Calyptos Story

Background StoriesPosted by Kalatzis 2009-03-17 13:21
Even though some of us may accidently find out our parents never intended for us to exist, I for sure, know exactly how the story went. For who could ever have the intentions to get twins?

Our father had all his hopes for a son who was to be called Remulo, after the great arch druid Remulos. However, to our father’s great disappointment he did not only get one daughter, but two. Unfortunately this was not the only sorrow brought upon our father. The very same night of our birth, our mother passed away.

Even if his dream about a son never came true, he apparently saw something good in Remula. As for me… I was a mistake. I was trouble, in which my father wished my sister had nothing to do. He often told me to stay out, and so, it was only natural for me to wander off alone in the woods. I became familiar with the forests and wild beasts as a young night elf and my father saw this as his chance to get me out of my sister’s way. I was to be trained a hunter.

As we got older, our father could no longer keep Remula wrapped in his arms. Even if I loved to have my sister for me alone, I highly treasured my adventures in the forests all by myself. It was during one of these I met Hardi. I was taking a brake by the river after a long days travelling and happened to fall asleep in the shade of a tree. I don’t know how long I was asleep, but something startled me to my feet. I could sense something was wrong and I did as my master always told me. You have to see through the eyes of your enemies. Think as your enemy. Be your enemy. I slowly crawled away from the tree on the ground, trying not to make a sound and managed to get my small knife ready. Out of nowhere, claws ripped me in the face. One of the nightsabers, who were a common sight in that area, must have noticed my presence. We fought for a long time. I had no idea wherefrom he got his energy but I wasn’t willing to let him go. A cat with a will like that could come in good hand sometimes. We fought ‘til the sunset. When the darkness had fallen over the treetops and the wind was cold instead of pleasantly cool, the saber all of a sudden stopped. He was exhausted and I knew I could have put him down, then and there, but something prevented me from finishing my last attack. I took a step towards him, and got a small piece of meat out of my pocket.

Nowadays, Hardi is one of my best friends.

And so, me and my sister finally got out of our hometown and started looking for adventures. It was during one of our trips I stumbled upon Moonshade. It was only a matter of time before I had wished for us to join a guild and one where a night elf held the strings seemed perfect. Remula, on the other side disagreed. I guess we had our biggest fight ever and it didn’t end pretty at all. Remula went away in fury and I went off with Moonshade. The fight was not so much about joining a guild or not as it was about the biggest difference there can be between a druid and a hunter. According to me, and Moonshade had my back, animals are beasts. Beasts are wild and if they happen to be in my way… well then… they’re in my way.

I joined Moonshade on a mission and I kind of got in trouble. Hardi got badly hurt and I was surrounded by angry bears. I had no choice but to abandon Hardi. The second I decided to leave him, to what I thought was his fate, a flash of light suddenly went pass me and struck him. I didn’t have time to turn around before another flash hit the beast fighting Hardi. The beast fell dead to the ground and there she was. The rest of the bears ran away and it seemed as if Remula was more like me than she would like to admit.

But what was very fortunate for me, totally devastated Remula as she no longer had any choice but to join Moonshade.

But as we spy our way through the dark woods, cross the stormy seas and fly through blistering winds, the two of us always stick together. And even if my childhood might sound quite sad to some, I assure you that what doesn’t kill you…

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Remulas Story

Background StoriesPosted by Kalatzis 2009-03-17 13:18

Our parents were kind and gentle folks, nothing special, just ordinary Night Elves. However my father was a visionary. When he went asleep from a hard days work he dreamt about greatness heroic deeds and the one thing he wanted the most… A son.

The story of my birth is a sad one. You see I wasn´t born a son, my father was greatly disappointed at first, but then he smiled and said to me and my mother; “You may not be the son I wished for but I can sense that natures forces are strong within you, that´s why I name you Remula daughter of natures grace”.

But that day two lives were given at the cost of another one, my twin sister was of that moment yet to be born. Exhausted from giving birth to me, my mother never survived giving birth to Calypto, my twin. What happened within my father when our mother passed away in his arms is hard to me to describe. It was like when one of two lovebirds die, the other one just gave up living.

A druids training is tough, discipline patience and serenity is the ways of the druid and that was what I learned as a young night elf. While my sister was out playing in the woods I was taught the laws of nature and to restrain myself. I guess I have always been the responsible one, but I to had some days I just needed to get out of school. And even if I didn´t want to Calypto used to always convince me to sneak out of school and cut class. The difference between us was that if I did something childish like that I was disciplined, Calypto wasn´t and it used to make me so angry. But as I grew up I learned to abandon emotions such as anger and to control myself. I rose quickly as a druid and I was one of the most promising students in the whole city of Darnassus. However a great druid of the Night Elves was not my fate.

It all changed one day when Calypto met the group of mercenaries called Moonshade… As it seemed they could fulfill her dreams of adventure and seeing the world she was eager to join them… and naïve as she was she tried to convince me to join them as well. As if I a druid would go against all I ever represented and turn away from the calm of the woods? I told her she was insane and off she went with that nightsabre pet of hers. As I made my way back to class, I sensed a disturbance within the woods, and I immediately shape shifted to a cat and made my way back to see what had caused the disturbance, and just as I leaped out from the bushes, ready to protect the forest and it´s creatures as the druid I was, a scene which I had prayed would never appear before my eyes took place. There in the middle she was, my sister, surrounded by a group of forest bears. My sister was the disturbance that had led me here. Her nightsabre was hopelessly throwing himself in their way to defend his master but he was just about to get torn apart.

It was in that moment that my whole life changed. I had to make a choice, I would have to sacrifice my sister to her foolishness, since that was the way I had been taught. But I didn’t. I used the same vary forces that I had been taught to protect the forest in pure madness to destroy it. I quickly healed the pet so he could continue to defend my sister and then I summoned all my strength for a final blow on one of the bears, at first she was alive and then I could sense her thoughts, surprise, anger, but mostly she was afraid. And then she was no more at all.

I had saved my sisters life, but I couldn´t even begin to realize the consequences of my actions that day. It didn´t take long for the other druids to arrive at the place of the dead bear, and there we stood with bloodstains on our clothes. I had given up on my people, on my ways and on my beliefs.

I was banished, excluded from the druids community and had brought shame over my families name, and as if things wasn´t bad enough already. Later that evening my father threw himself of the coast down at the cliffs. He left only a note saying “It is not our sins that matter; it is our search for redemption.”

Ironically enough the same people that indirectly caused my fall as a druid became my salvation as an outcast, the mercenary group of Moonshade accepted me as a member, and with them by my side I began my search for redemption.

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Kalatzis Story

Background StoriesPosted by Kalatzis 2009-03-17 12:28
Many thousand of years have passed since The Burning Legion invaded the planet Azeroth and The Alliance and The Horde are once again living separated in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. Though there’s still war on our planet it will be nothing compared if The Burning Legion rose once again, therefore we all must be prepared.

I, Kalatzis, was born in a little town in Eastern Kingdoms called Lakeshire. My father and mother had bigger plans for me than to just become a simple human who wouldn’t know how to defend herself if The Burning Legion came crushing down our planet. Even though it broke their heart, they knew what they had to do and they sent me away to become a paladin, a holy warrior fighting for the Light.

I rose up in Northshire Abbey and was never allowed to go outside the walls. My master said that all I needed for now was right here and that patience can not be taken for granted. So for many long years I did exactly what he told me. I practised the way to become a holy paladin, read history about wars and kingdoms and even saw a picture of the threatful Horde. Time passed and my classmates went out in the world one by one while I still remained inside these walls that just seemed to get closer and closer.

When I started to blossom, I also started to ask questions about the world I lived in but only knew by books. It was time for me to see the world with my own eyes I said to my master. But he just shook his head at me and said; “Kala, your heart is whole and pure. By taking the step to go outside these walls slowly that heart of yours will either be taken advantage of or it will wither away.” At this age though, I was stubborn as a donkey and didn’t give up until he at last let me take my horse Aeras to Stormwind City.
Stormwind City is one of the biggest cities in whole Azeroth and even though it was very close to Northshire I’ve never stepped a foot inside.

When I got to Stormwind I was overwhelmed but not stunned. So far it hadn’t done any special impression on me except that it was much bigger than Northshire. Suddenly a little gnome warrior appeared before me and I almost ran over him with my horse. I had never seen such a small person in my whole life but didn’t want to offend him so I got off my horse and smiled at him. “Excuse me, miss?” He said and smiled back to me. “I presume that you have better equipment for fighting than that lovely dress of yours?”
I looked down at my white wool dress and shyly said yes.

“Well, could you maybe escort me to Booty Bay? I need to talk with a guy that’s supposed to be there and I have nothing to ride on and I’m not that much of a fighter yet if something or someone would attack me.”
“I would love to help you”, I answered him. “But I’m not supposed to leave from here.”
“I can pay you.”
“Oh, I wouldn’t take any money for that! I would gladly escort you for free…”
“For free?” Suddenly a third voice that belongs to a Night Elf rogue is heard.

This rogue whose name I found out was Saiel later on was the rudest man I’ve ever got to known. Somehow I ended up escorting this gnome warrior with Saiel, but it turned out to be just the start of something bigger.

Through our journey we passed through Westfall and headed out towards Duskwood, the darkest place I’ve ever seen so far with giant spiders and rude strangers. When we got to a place called Stranglethorn Valley all kind of beasts attacked the little gnome but Saiel was fast with his swords and I learned he was good to have in hand, but maybe not the best for company. Many other Night Elves passed us and stopped when they saw us coming, one of them gave me a blessing and said; “May Elune be with you.”
“What’s Elune?” I asked Saiel. He explained that it’s the goddess of the moon and then said something I couldn’t understand. The little gnome said that it must have been Darnassian, the language of the Night Elves and asked Saiel what it meant. “Ignorant human”, he answered and looked at me with glowing eyes. Even though I got offended I let it pass since I didn’t want to get into a fight with this man, plus I’m almost sure he didn’t mean it. But just almost.

When our journey ended and I had said goodbye to my new friend the warrior gnome, suddenly a human paladin just like me stood before me. He asked me if I wanted to join his guild and to sign on a piece of paper. I wasn’t sure what a guild was, but I was just going to sign on it when Saiel came between us. “She’s with me.” He says with a harsh tone that makes the other paladin take one step back. “Am I?” I asked him and can’t help myself smiling. “Yes. Fly back to Stormwind when you’re done with Booty Bay. I wish to speak with you.”

After this I committed myself to his guild called Moonshade and I never got back to Northshire to talk with my master. Instead I went on a new journey with Saiel. A longer one this time, all the way to Darnassus, the home of the Night Elves. This rogue has stolen my heart, but I will prevent letting my heart change as my master once warned me about.

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