Moonshade Stories

Moonshade Stories


RP StoriesPosted by (Deleted) 2011-07-05 19:09
Hey guys, I'm so sorry for having to write a blog post on here but I can't get ahold of you any other way. This is Nequisan, if you don't remember me I'm sure you just need to look back on some of the posts here to be reminded...
The reason why I am writing is because I'm afraid to say that I need the blog posts deleted or modified (I'm not bothered about which) because I now use the name 'Nequisan' as part of my business. That is why I have changed my username to this.
It isn't completely urgent but if you do happen to know how I can do it or it you could manage it yourself I would be very grateful.

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Nequisans Ritual of Transformation

RP StoriesPosted by Nequisan 2009-11-03 12:44
"Thankyou all for joining me on this momentous occasion. I trust you all know why we are here, and if you don't... please allow me to explain briefly."

"On my journeys through Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, I have encountered many beings, good and evil. "

"Through this, and with help from Andra, I have discovered and concluded that in fact there is no real life and death."

"There is only power, wisdom and knowledge.
Today, I will show you that with with the right knowledge, you can gain maximum power and infinite wisdom."

Nequisan pulls out Andras journal and removes a folded piece of paper- her notes.

Nequisan looks around at her fellow guild mates, and smiles.


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Letter to Andissiel and Andra

RP StoriesPosted by Nequisan 2009-11-03 12:41
I hereby invite you to witness by ritual of transformation tomorrow at midday.
As you know, my soul has been given a new meaning, a new calling, and I will make it my duty to answer the call of this powerful, wise voice.
I ask only that you are present in this time, and that you will not fear me in my new form. I wish merely to grasp the power of life and death and use it to mine and my loved ones' advantage.

May life make you wiser and death make you stronger;

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Nequisan's Diary Entry

RP StoriesPosted by Nequisan 2009-10-27 02:26
Today a few friends and I visited a strange place named Straltholme. It would appear the place has been completely overtaken by creatures of the damned; ugly undead creatures with dreadful rotting flesh.
The place bored me at first; I have never had an interest in fighting in the past, but once we got 'the ball rolling', I found I was enjoying myself.
Then, one moment, my mind relapsed into a strange vision!
I found myself standing in a dark place, surrounded by shadows and smoke. It was cool, however, calming. It was in this place I saw an image of a strange man, with long, white hair- he was covered in heavy armor and I... was somehow attracted to him. I knew in my mind that it was some sort of 'Dead Knight' (or whatever they are named- disgusting things...). I decided to follow him, as he had started to move.
He took me to an altar, and showed me something that lay floating above a platform.
It was... amazing. It was death. floating there, bulbous, glittering, glorious. It was not fear, it was not weak... it was brave and powerful.
I had finally found what I was looking for- a powerful source- my, it seems Andra was right- life's rules CAN be bent to our will, and it WILL make us stronger. That is why she is so interested in...
But this, this is something different from immortality. This is... life AND death. Immortality AND mortality... the greatest strengths of both.
Once I had returned to reality, I felt a change within myself. I am still me... I suppose I feel I have become wiser, perhaps.. wealthier knowledge. For I know the secret now. He told me, that man...

I know what I have to do.

Life will make me wiser, and Death will make me stronger.

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Background StoriesPosted by Nequisan 2009-10-20 22:03
Shortly before Tempest Keeps' crash- land in Azeroth, a baby Draenei girl was born to a warrior father and a mother whom healed the sick.
The family appeared to live happily aboard the ship, but when it crashed, the mother disappeared, and was believed to have died. The father of the now- grown- up daughter was so grief- stricken that he took his own life.
The girl was orphaned when she was five years old. Her name is Nequisan.

Nequisan has spent many of her teenage years growing stronger in order to find her mother, whom she believes to be still alive.
Whether she is or not, no- one knows, but ever since Nequisan learned that Death can be withheld, she has made it her life ambition learn more. The presence of Death Knights and a curious woman known as Andra in her social circle has led her to question life and its true values, further heightening her curiosity for the dead.
Nequisan has never known anyone she can truly trust, except for the guild Warlord and his second- in command, whom she keeps at a distance for reasons of authority and respect.
Although it appears she has befriended Andra, it would seem Nequisan can never truly create a trusting link between her and her mentor, for Andra's ulterior motives for surviving death do not integrate well with Nequisan's primitive but stable moral structure. Nevertheless, Andra will always have a special place in her heart.
Although still naive, Nequisan's nervous attitude is slowly fading as she learns more about the world around her, and it is her greatest desire to befriend those whom she can learn good lessons from.

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