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Background StoriesPosted by Nequisan 2009-10-20 22:03
Shortly before Tempest Keeps' crash- land in Azeroth, a baby Draenei girl was born to a warrior father and a mother whom healed the sick.
The family appeared to live happily aboard the ship, but when it crashed, the mother disappeared, and was believed to have died. The father of the now- grown- up daughter was so grief- stricken that he took his own life.
The girl was orphaned when she was five years old. Her name is Nequisan.

Nequisan has spent many of her teenage years growing stronger in order to find her mother, whom she believes to be still alive.
Whether she is or not, no- one knows, but ever since Nequisan learned that Death can be withheld, she has made it her life ambition learn more. The presence of Death Knights and a curious woman known as Andra in her social circle has led her to question life and its true values, further heightening her curiosity for the dead.
Nequisan has never known anyone she can truly trust, except for the guild Warlord and his second- in command, whom she keeps at a distance for reasons of authority and respect.
Although it appears she has befriended Andra, it would seem Nequisan can never truly create a trusting link between her and her mentor, for Andra's ulterior motives for surviving death do not integrate well with Nequisan's primitive but stable moral structure. Nevertheless, Andra will always have a special place in her heart.
Although still naive, Nequisan's nervous attitude is slowly fading as she learns more about the world around her, and it is her greatest desire to befriend those whom she can learn good lessons from.

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Posted by Andra 2009-10-26 18:47

Glad to see another RPer led to great success! Way to go!

PS: I feel special now :>